About Us


      I. Company Philosophy:

      Keep changing the status quo; regard today as the backwardness

      Reputation is the golden rule of the company’s life.

      II. Business Objective:

      Serve the customers whole-heartedly with advanced ideas, scientific management, novel technologies, quality products, good reputations and pioneering spirits.

      III. Company Spirit:

      Truth, Unity

      Innovation, sacrifice

      Competitive struggle, hard work

      Dedication, pursuit of excellence

      Assumption of risk, respect for science

      IV. Company Ethics:

      Loyalty to duty, honest labor, quantity and quality guaranteed

      V. Company Rules:

      High standards, strict requirements, painstaking endeavors, down-to-earth spirits

      VI. Staff Regulations:

      Love of motherland, loyalty to company;

      Dedication, hard work;

      Diligence in learning, continuous progress;

      Research on technology, courage in innovation;

      Comply with laws, accord with virtues;

      Integrity, honesty;

      Respect each other, considerate towards colleagues.